Saint Mary's Parish Church, Burren

Message from Saint Mary's Parish Church

Rosary and Benediction Sunday - Friday inclusive at 7pm virtually from St Peter's. & at 7pm on Saturday's from St Mary's.

Stations of the Cross virtually on Sunday at 3pm from St Peter's and 4pm from St Mary's. 

Church Attendance

Our Masses are Closed to Parishioner’s until 1st April  in line with Government Regulations. 

All Masses will be streamed online via our Webcam at ChurchMedia.TV 

St Mary’s & St Peter’s will be opened daily from 12noon – 6pm for private prayer only. 

A maximum of 3 people are allowed in the Church at any one time. 

Parishioners must wear face masks when entering and praying in the Church and practice strict

 hand sanitising and maintaining of social distancing when using the Church Premises. 

The Parish Office Hour In the Parish Centre has ceased until further notice.

All Sacrament requests can be booked when the current lockdown has eased. 

Schedule Changes

Any changes to mass schedules as a result of Covid 19 Government Restrictions will be advised via our ChurchMedia.TV page 

All anniversary masses that have been booked will be honoured and prayed for at the nearest online mass to the date booked. 

Collection Envelopes

Can be returned through the Parochial House Letter Box or the Collection box located in the main entrance porch of the Church. Your continued financial support is greatly appreciated.

Today 04/03/2021

There is currently nothing scheduled for today.

Friday 05/03/2021

There is currently nothing scheduled for this day.

Saturday 06/03/2021

Vigil Mass

Sunday 07/03/2021

Stations of the Cross

Monday 08/03/2021

There is currently nothing scheduled for this day.

Tuesday 09/03/2021

There is currently nothing scheduled for this day.

Wednesday 10/03/2021

There is currently nothing scheduled for this day.

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